With the Send My Bag app you can now check the location of your bag with one click no matter where you are in the world. We’ll also send you free push notifications with reminders when preparing your bag and letting you know when your bag is out for delivery. Other useful features include the ability to upload customs information using your smart phone’s camera and the option to receive a free insurance upgrade by taking a picture of your prepared suitcase.

Project part financed by the Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme for Northern Ireland co financed by the European Regional Development Fund

The aim of the current year long project is to increase efficiency through automation of a number of key areas, including but not limited to; unexpected cost management, customs clearance, post order management and the launch of new products. The project is being undertaken primarily in house by existing and new team members, with 3rd parties being consulted on some elements. Upon the successful completion of the project it is expected the projected will have contributed considerably to the overall growth targets of the company as a whole.